Mobile competitions that drive product sales

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Launch a sales driving mobile competition in a few minutes.

Instant Prizes

Give away physical prizes, airtime and mobile data using simple rules.

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Include survey questions with your competitions.

Boost product sales with PrizeCloud

PrizeCloud is the simplest way to run best practice mobile competitions that are designed to boost product sales.

  • Launch a mobile competition online in minutes.
  • Attach entry codes to products to drive sales.
  • Give away physical prizes, airtime or data using simple rules.
  • WASPA and CPA compliant competitions.
  • Get opt-ins, name, age and other info with entries.
  • Generate Terms & Conditions automatically.

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How it works

1. Buy Product
Customer buys product with entry code attached

2. Enter Competition
Customer enters code via SMS or USSD

3. Win Prizes
Consumers can then win prizes, airtime and mobile data

Built for agencies, retailers and publishers

Offer your clients a competition service that drives product sales with your own branded PrizeCloud platform.

  • Your own branded competition platform.
  • Create competitions and go to print in a few minutes.
  • Give away physical prizes, airtime and mobile data.
  • Ask for opt-ins, name, age and any other info with entries.
  • Anti-cheating and spamming mechanisms.
  • WASPA and CPA compliant.
  • Terms & Conditions are automatically generated.