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Quick Setup

Create a competition using best practice templates and get everything you need to go to print in just a few minutes. Short codes, USSD strings and entry codes are all available immediately.

Entry Codes

Attaching unique entry codes to products means that customers will need to purchase a product in order to enter the competition.

SMS Example
Customer SMSes their unique code to a short code to enter
SMS 63956 to 25152

USSD Example
Customer dials a USSD string with the unique code to enter

Instant Prizes

Give away physical prizes, airtime and mobile data automatically using simple rules. Airtime and data are topped up instantly and our prize allocation algorithm ensures prizes are distributed without discrimination.

Ask Questions

Learn more about entrants when they enter your competition.
PrizeCloud can even be used for incentivised surveys.

  • Name
  • Contact Permission
  • Location
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Custom Questions

Fair Competitions

Prizes are automatically awarded according to predefined rules. Terms and Conditions are automatically generated and we do everything we can to ensure that your competitions are compliant with the WASPA Code of Conduct, CPA and POPI.

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